Swear to god… if I stay with a full-time benefitted (or at least am able to save up enough money) job, I want to take a 3-day vacation next year for Travers weekend because ponies.

The Travers this year was a huge letdown in more ways than one… Street Life injured, Nonios never in sight, Neck ‘N Neck went wide early, Alpha needed Fast Falcon flying up his tail to dead heat with Golden Ticket– likely Atigun’s rabbit! All after Hansen and Paynter cancel their appearances with a no-show from Teeth of the Dog. An historic and exciting race, but eh… I’m not impressed. Golden Ticket the deserving winner if I had to pick one coming off those sexy works and a long layoff.

Larry Jones has JC’s Pride’s half sister Smitten, a gray Tapit filly, training well at Ellis Park. Already love.

I wish I could take Mike’s retiring TB gelding Lights of Broadway. He could have Scoobers’ old stall here, plenty of room! 😉 No but really… aghhhh I would love to have had him.

With Bodemeister and Union Rags out of the picture, the only horse with a glimmer of a chance of beating out I’ll Have Another for the three-year-old male Eclipse is Paynter if he can recover in time and run HUGE. But for karmic purposes, I’d like to see Questing [GB] beat the snot out of all the three-year-olds. I’d just really like to see IHA beaten out for the Eclipse.

Maryland has some good ideas about bringing more fans out more often!

You know you’re a horse racing fan when… your racing shirts get hung up in the closet, but your “nice” shirts are left to wrinkle in your drawers. #noregrets

I wonder how the New York Racing and Wagering Board is going to act after ex-claimer Willy Beamin’ turned into a huge, impressive G1 winner just days after running an impressive stakes race. You mad?

Somepony lucky hit the Del Mar Pick 6– JUST ONE PERSON– for $482,526.60. Meanwhile I am angry that Ramen is 3 for $1.

That awkward moment when you take a colt sired by a stallion with the gallant named of Lion Heart and name him Purple Egg. And he wins.

Ortensia needs to brawl with Frankel. Or kiss him.

I hope Hansen’s future breeders name their mare’s offspring in tribute to his unicorn traits… a filly named Twilight Sparkle would be just too perfect for me to pass up.

Under-informed anti-Japan fans can take a damn chill pill after they do their research on buyback clauses and take a looksy at pensioned Forty Niner, currently 27, alive and chilling on Hokkaido.

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