As you guys know, I am getting ready to graduate from college soon. The better part of my time and energy in this, my last semester of “real” class before internship time, is in my advanced documentary class where I am directing a 20-minute film about rescued and rehabbed horses called Roughshod.

Over the next few months, my crew of 3 and I will be traveling all over New England and New York talking to people who have played a part in defining the role of the horse in the 21st century. Why do we need horses? How are horses still significant in an age driven by technology? What is being done with at-risk horses who would otherwise end up bound for slaughter? We aim to avoid the typical “talking head” format as much as possible in favor of showing off the beauty and power of the equine and their tireless caretakers, all while telling their stories.

Currently, we have a lot of interest from a variety of different rescue centers and so far plan to film all types of breeds, from Thoroughbreds to Percherons to Mustangs. We’ll certainly be very busy between shooting and editing the project all spring long.

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