In April 2011, I started writing about Thoroughbred horse racing. It was a small and simple venture, mostly done for personal pleasure and as a means to relax and unwind the spool of thoughts I had for the sport. I had no intention of going much further than that with it, and after writing about video games professionally for a couple years, I wouldn’t mind if almost nobody read what I had to say.

Big surprise– they did read. And an even bigger surprise, within a few years’ time I branched out the simple Tumblr blog into a more professional one, entitled “The Galloping Hat Rack,” named after the 1918 Kentucky Derby winner Exterminator. Now, a full five years later, it’s time to branch out again after I’ve outgrown my Tumblr roots. Welcome to New York Racehorse, the new and improved gathering place for all my thoughts, original photography, and a new fantastic online spot for sharing all things Thoroughbred. Of course, the main focus– basically, as it nearly always was– is racing in the state of New York.

Welcome and thank you again to everyone who actually paused a moment and proved the ancient Tumblr ideology wrong– people DO actually READ text posts on Tumblr!