4 Riding Lesson Package with Heather Carlson

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4 Riding Lesson Package with Heather Carlson Benefits the Retired Racehorse Training Project, an exhibition I documented in a recent film project of mine, along with many other pretty cool auction lots ranging from paintings, equestrian equipment, advertising opportunities, and …

Tiz the Season – A Giveaway

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To be frank, I have disliked Christmas for many moons (I blame working in retail, American materialism, and being broke if not desolate for many of them), but the one Golden Ticket about the holidays for me is giving back …

A smackerel of good news

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This Sunday (October 20) I’ll be at Suffolk Downs shooting footage of CANTER New England’s Suffolk Showcase as part of a video project I’m doing for them about CANTER and adopting off-track Thoroughbreds. I’ll be shooting interviews with people too, …

CANTER Spotlight!: Adorable bay mare

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Since someone STOLE MY GHOSTZAPPER FILLY I thought I would do another one of these. Kidding… sort of… that post got more notes than I thought, so I figured I would spotlight another OTTB listed at CANTER New England under …

Anyone have jockey-related questions?

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I’m fleshing out the interview outline for Lipsticks & Longshots. Do you guys and gals have anything in particular you’d like to know about race riding, becoming a professional jockey, or anything related to that?